Our technology


Our commitment as a quality company is to always add the latest technology to our vehicles in order to offer our customers a safe and comfortable transfer service.


The lines of research on technological innovation on the road with the greatest projection are those related to the travellers’ safety, especially children, which is why we have installed the best Wi-fi technology in our coaches, improving control and communication with our drivers and with their driving at all times, whilst increasing the comfort and well-being of our travellers.


mugiCloud technology is an approved service that allows passengers of our coaches to connect to the Internet using latest generation 4G Wi-Fi, for a stable and optimal browsing experience. A device designed and developed to support up to 60 simultaneous browser connections, with which our passengers can also enjoy on-demand audio-visuals on each trip.

With Movertis technology we have absolute control of our fleet. All our vehicles are linked by GPS to an internal software program, on which we track our coaches in real time.

We know where each of our buses and minibuses are at all times, and we make sure they are where they should be, viewing all of their routes.

We control the trips and the stops they make with customized alerts to receive any critical notification, such as excess speed, acceleration, braking, sudden turns or excessive idling time, promoting efficient and safe driving.