Reliable, safe, and comfortable transfers with cutting-edge technology.

Vehicle geolocation in real time:

All our vehicles are tracked via GPS using an internal software, allowing us to monitor our coaches in real time. We know the exact location of each vehicle at all times and ensure they are where they should be by visualizing their routes.

Fleet monitoring and driving:

Our app assists our drivers in improving their driving skills in real time, making the journey more comfortable and safer for passengers.

Vehicle Punctuality App:

An app to track the status of vehicles regarding a specific service. It is the ultimate app for drivers, responsible for monitoring each of our drivers' services.

High-speed 5G Wi-Fi approved service:

Our own Wi-Fi service enables passengers to connect to the network via state-of-the-art 5G Wi-Fi, providing a stable and optimal browsing experience. It supports up to 60 simultaneous connections for on-demand audiovisual entertainment during each journey.


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